3 comments on “Why I am standing for the English Democrats in Dagenham & Rainham

  1. Well said Kim. UKIP don’t go far enough in keeping this clean and pleasant land clean for good honest people. Your point about Tibet I found particularly poignant, as someone deeply affected by illegal Tibetan traveller sites and a lack of English voices in Parliament I would vote for you in a second.

    • Hello Gupta
      Thanks for your message. I hope you will support me and the English Democrats, the only party which puts England and her people first!

  2. If the British people have to worry about fighting for a job in the face of a tide of cheap immigrant labour and are occupied in trying to get decent housing in competition with the teeming millions of immigrants, then they will not have time to think about how the international big business establishment is robbing them with such gigantic swindles as the common market.

    As English Democrats we have to widen our net, TTIP is EU on steroids and we swap Brussels for Washington so please include this in any future manifest.

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