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  1. What’s your policy on realistic renewable energies instead of wasteful Wind Power? Emigration using Australia and Canada as good examples? Cleaner air for city dwellers , that means less diesel vehicles, what will you do about this damgerous health risk?
    Love to hear from you on these points B4 I vote on22nd May, TA!

    • Hi David, Thanks for asking – I don’t think Fracking is the answer at the moment until more research has been done into health risks. Already one state in the U.S. has banned fracking. Also the Govt is hell bent on giving the licence to TOTAL a French company (with incentives of course) and yet fracking is banned in France. We should have a points system and working visas like our Commonwealth friends have. In cities these large lorries should be banned – EU regs are making them even bigger which damage our roads and contaminate the air. Freight should be on trains.
      cheers, Jenny

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