Kim Gandy – Dagenham & Rainham

Kim Gandy - Dagenham & Rainham, Essex, London

Kim Gandy has been an English Nationalist for over 10 years.

Kim stood in the 2005 General Election for the English Democrat in Basildon, Essex

In 2015 Kim is standing in Dagenham & Rainham


Kim Gandy Small - Dagenham & Rainham“I’m committed to fighting rampant political correctness and anti English discrimination.
Scotland and Wales each have a voice yet English people are often dubbed “racist bigots” if we even attempt to fly the St George Cross or enjoy a Christian festival.
Why should the English taxpayer, by far the biggest contributor to the wealth of the union, be discriminated against? Under the Barnett Formula, expenditure on Scotland, Wales and NI was £49billion in 2007-8 – English taxpayer contributes lion’s share… according to a House of Lords Select Committee in 2009.
This dwarfs the yearly payments to the EU of £9billion and foreign aid £10bn so often touted by UKIP who systematically ignore this disparity – and the notion of a parliament for England. THE ENGLISH HAVE NO VOICE IN WESTMINSTER.
The Scots recently had a referendum on independence and politicians on both sides of Hadrian’s Wall were up in arms – but what about English independence? English taxpayers foot the bill for free Scottish prescriptions, social care and student grants, as well as their own! This must stop.
I deplore the twin monstrosities of rampant political correctness and suffocating nanny state and am sick of the English being demonised, emasculated and ethnically cleansed. Second class citizens in their own country!”
I used to live in Dagenham and have maintained a connection with it since I left but am increasingly dismayed at some of the stories I’m hearing about anti English discrimination.
The impression I get on the doorsteps is that if you’re English and particularly white and/or Christian, you are likely to experience anti English racism.
I was shocked at one story of a lady whose Christmas decorations offended her “ethnically diverse” neighbours so badly that they reported it as a hate crime and the lady was fined.
This is totally unacceptable and utterly abhorrent and goes beyond even the bounds of the very worst political correctness.
I have a personal loathing of pc which I find is characteristic, paradoxically, of those who are themselves the biggest and most patronising self haters; often white middle class “libertarians” who conversely are anything but truly libertarian, believing that anyone whose views differ to their own is a “racist bigot”.
I deplore this mentality which flies in the face of what this country truly is: a fair and tolerant society that has welcomed all manner of incomers and made them comfortable.
Unfortunately, this has been thrown back in our faces and it seems we now have to be tolerant of everyone else’s culture, even to the point of not being able to show our disgust at such things as Islamic extremist terrorism or illegal traveller developments that destroy communities, far from being cohesive.
There are groups that have been set up to “free Tibet” whose indigenous people have been ethnically cleansed in their own country and their culture virtually eradicated. Perhaps now it’s time to “free England” in the same way.
Let’s free England from its biggest enemy of all: it’s own home grown band of self hating, apologist, appeasers who lay themselves at the feet of other cultures with such obsequiousness they were even prepared to overlook such horrors as the mass child grooming culture in places like a Rotherham in order not to “offend” the repulsive “sensibilities” of those who think they can come to this country and impose their disgusting medieval practices on us and commit obscenely abuse of vulnerable minors.
This is intolerable beyond the extreme.
If elected, my main objective will be to stamp out and completely eradicate this dreadful culture of political correctness and return this country to common sense and restore respect for the indigenous culture and heritage of England and demand respect and allegiance from all those who come to live here.
Go anywhere else in the world and you are expected to respect that country’s religion, culture and traditions.
For those expectations to be any different in England is nothing short of gross anti English racism and discrimination.

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